Amsterdam Light Festival 2015

It is getting rather dark outside, reminding us of the fact that winter is coming. Although many people dislike the dark and cold months, there are plenty of things to do to make this period a little less tedious. For example: the Amsterdam Light Festival.


A bright spot during the dark winter days

The residents and visitors of Amsterdam felt that the city could use some extra positivity during the dark and cold winter days. As a result the Amsterdam Light Festival arose many years ago. Enterprising Amsterdam decided that talented light artists needed a platform, so they offered them one by this festival. The lighting artists designed special sculptures, projections and installations. These artworks exposed at many places in Amsterdam during the Light Festival. Amsterdam became a true paradise of light every year.


This years’ theme is ‘friendship’. Starting from November 28, 2015 until January 17, 2016 you can experience the illuminated city of Amsterdam. Like to enjoy more? Many activities are being organized during the festival. Our favorites:

The Illuminate trail

We have to wait a little longer for this spectacular hiking trail. But it is absolutely worth waiting for. The trail is open from December 10, 2015 until January 3, 2016. During the hike you will see more than 20 light innovations, which are very diverse in terms of design and color. You will walk through the Weesper- and Plantage area and experience many events, lectures and activities.


They say Amsterdam is even more beautiful seen from the water. So, why not book a boat tour during the amazing festival?

The Water Colors route

During an unique boat trip you will learn different unexpected facts about Amsterdam. You will sail through the famous canals of Amsterdam and pass a variety of lighting innovations, illuminating many monumental buildings of the city. The boats depart between 5 PM and 09.30 PM. More information about our cruise packages during the Amsterdam Light Festival.


Amsterdam Boat Events gives you the opportunity to enjoy the lights from the water, while enjoying different snacks and drinks. Please contact us if you want to hear the various possibilities. We guarantee you that you will come back to shore with a lot of new experiences. Read more about the dinner cruise through Amsterdam.  


We would like to welcome you on board!

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