The ins and outs of a boating company on the canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Light Festival editie 7

Another light-years ago there was the latest version of the Amsterdam Light Festival. And frankly it was disappointing, yes that red Chinese wire oh oh what was that exciting .... Anyway it has been learned, this times it really looks good and you go ooh! and aah! calling the light art 'sailing'....

plastic soup

More and more plastic is floating in our oceans and seas. It comes from rubbish that we throw away on the street, fishnets that are discarded, and from washing synthetic clothing and brushing our teeth. All these different types of plastic together form the plastic soup in the seas and oceans....

Facts and figures about the canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands, is for those abroad known for its canals in the center of the city. The canal system is the result of conscious city planning. Over the years they have continued to define the city’s landscape. Nowadays they are the home of many festivities such as the...

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