Bar Boat Amsterdam

Bar Boat AMSTERDAM "Enjoy the boat Life!"

You want to organize a reception on board;

  • You have something to celebrate or you and your colleagues have worked hard and you have to release some pressure.
  • You want to do something special that is not too costly and no hassle.

Rent our bar boat, it's easy to organize. You get a quotation beforehand, the boat sails to you! Let us know if you have any special requests.

Need help? We arrange everything for a reception on the water, call: +3120 419 4141 or mail to

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Bar boat Amsterdam


With 30 persons from € 22,35 p.p. incl. VAT.

Incl. boat and crew, excl. drinks on tallyscore

The bar boat is suitable for groups of;

  • Maximum 60 persons on the Hoop op Behoud
  • Maximum 50 persons on the Tijd zal het Leeren
  • Maximum 20 persons on the Johanna


Calusari Pinot Grigio - Romania, Calusari Pinot Noir - Romania, Calusari Rosé - Romania. €27,50 per bottle incl. VAT

Villa Blanche Chardonnay - France, False Bay Syrah - South Africa. €34,50 per bottle incl. VAT


€ 32,50 per bottle incl. VAT. D.O.C. Prosecco Frizzante, Villa Sandi Italië

Beer on tap

Alfabeer from Shinnen (Limburg) € 3,00 per glass incl.VAT. Brewed from natural source water

Dutch distilled

€ 3,75 per glass incl.VAT. Young Jenever, Old Jenever, Vieux and Berenburg


€2,50 per glass incl.VAT. Still water, Sparkling water ,Orange Juice, Apple juice ,Sprite, Ice Tea, Cola/Cola Light, Fanta and Sprite

Coffee & tea

€ 2,10,- per cup incl.VAT.

International distilled

€ 5,50 per glass incl.VAT Vodka, Gin, Whisky and Cognac


€ 75, per bottle incl.VAT Carte d’Or Blanc Brut, Drappier France Crémant de Bourgogne € 27,50 per bottle incl.VAT

Boat Prices

Boat rental from € 195, per hour incl. VAT.
Extra sailor € 36 per hour incl. VAT.
Please ask for a quote to avoid misunderstandings about the costs!

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mixed nuts & olives

€4,50 p.p.

Tapenade with bread

Millstone bread with various tapenades € 4.50 per person

Crispy bites

Bitterballen (2 p.p.) Cheesesticks (2 p.p.) Yakatori sticks (1 p.p.) Vegetarian samosa €8,75 p.p.

Nacho's from the oven

Freshly, on board, prepared nachos with guacamole and salsa. € 11.50 per portion.

Canal garnish

Ox sausage, Liver sausage, Cheese (young and old), Amsterdam sour (pickles and onions), mustard. € 8,25 per person


Smoked halibut with horseradish on rye bread, Small skewers with anchovies, olives and peppers, Chicken skewers marinated in lime and garlic, Dates stuffed with goat cheese and spring onion. Couscous salad with salsa verde and shrimp €10,50 per person .


  1. Do not make your cruise with a bar boat too long, 2 to 3 hours is enough.
  2. Keep it simple that improves the quality of your sailing event.
  3. The invitation, take care in form, content and details and send well in time.
  4. Shortly before, another reminder and always a RSVP.
  5. Invite everyone, we have room up to 110 people.
  6. Consider the costs, our rates are lower before 3 p.m.
  7. Avoid "situations" rent a bus or travel by O.V. to the boat's embarkation / departure point.

Boarding is possible at the following pick-up locations in Amsterdam