Sturdy boat with convertible roof & windows
charming unconventional lounge boat
The only lounge boat in Amsterdam that can also be used as an open sloop. 
Besides a toilet there is a well equipt kitchen available. 
Every interior arrangement is possible because it is not fixed, but very flexible. Sailing CO2 neutralon Ssynfuel+ from


Johanna is originally a German boat. At the beginning of the 20th century she sailed with passengers on the Rhine. With the rise of the automobile in passenger transport, Johanna got side-tracked. Luckily she was saved from the breaker's yard by an enthusiast who refurbished her into a "yacht". Since 2008 Johanna has regained her original function as passenger boat, but now on the canals of Amsterdam.


Drinks & Snacks: Max. 20 p. (seated)
BBQ/Buffet:          Max. 15 p. (seated)
Dinner:                 Max. 12 p. (seated)


  • Complete bar with real beer tap!
  • Galley with coffee machine, oven, grill, hot plates, kettle and sink
  • Flexible interior & exterior
  • Toilet
  • Heating system 
  • 230 & 400 Volt outlets
  • Sound installation with 3,5mm port 
    (bringing your own music is possible)

Convertible roof for any type of weather

The (largely) removable roof and windows make it possible to enjoy your sailing trip in the open air when the weather permits. With fine weather it is opened completely and with semi-fine weather it is semi-opened. Both roof and windows can quickly be removed, but also quickly be placed back in case of rain.

In winter an extra canvas is put over the top to keep the warmth inside. And if it gets really cold, we have a heating system that can be put into action.

The tables and seats can be flexibly employed for both a sitting dinner or a drinks and snacks trip with standing tables, or even a switch from one to the other during the trip.



The boat rent is € 220,- per hour (incl. VAT).
This includes a captain and a sailing waiter/waitress.

In the off-peak hours (09:00 - 15:00) a discounted rate applies: € 170- per hour (incl. VAT).

For safety and service an extra sailing waiter/waitress is employed from 25 people at € 35,- per hour (incl. VAT).

The minimal sailing time is 2 hours.

For every event on the water a fee is due to the municipality of Amsterdam of € 0,66 per person. 

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It was a great experience. - Ernst,

Culinary possibilities

Buffet boat

Buffet boat

Select your own dinner to eat standing or seated


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