Dinner cruise Amsterdam

Dinner cruise Amsterdam
Amsterdam canal cruise
Discover our capital from the water
A boat provides a nice private venue for dinner.
And a boat picks you up at a convenient parking garage or public transport node.
While you quietly cruise through Amsterdam the chef cooks your dinner on board. A relaxing moment after an afternoon meeting, team building event, etc..

Your private dinner
We have a great menu to choose from, how about a buffet, a 3 course dinner or even a BBQ on the canals? Enjoy the delicious and freshly prepared meals while you mingle and cruise through beautiful Amsterdam.

Dinner Boat Amsterdam
"The best way to taste Amsterdam!"

At 30 pax from € 90, p.p. incl.VAT
Drinks and wines on subsequent calculation
3-course dinner
A salad of warm goat cheese in filo pastry with a dressing of wild honey and fresh thyme
small breads with butter

Main dish
Italian roasted poussin out the oven with lemon and garlic
Italian potatoes with fresh rosemary
Roast tomatoes from the oven with green beans

Mousse au chocolat and strawberry coulis

 € 36.50 per person
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4-course dinner
Appetizer Grand entrance served on platters
Risotto with porcini mushrooms and pecorino
Italian sausages and cheeses with fruit mostarda
Focaccia and pesto

Side dish
A piece of catfish with lemon mayonnaise

Main dish
 Veal roulade with rosemary and fresh garlic
 Italian roasted potatoes and vegetables from the oven
Roasted tomatoes from the oven and green beans

Tiramisu with Amaretto parfai *

Optional (if previously indicated)
Between Court: tortellini stuffed with spinach and a sauce of gorgonzola with roasted almonds and arugula

Main course:
thin flange filled with wild mushrooms and fresh tarragon leaves with scalloped green asparagus and roasted cherry tomatoes

 € 42, - per person
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See the beverage price list

Boat rental starting from € 200 per hour incl. VAT.
Dinner Menu starting from € 36.50 per person incl. VAT.
Chef onboard 1x € 190 incl. VAT.

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But how do you organize a dinner cruise? 

1 Don't make your cruise with drinks, barbecue or dinner too long, 1.5 to 3 hours is long enough. 
2 Keep it simple, this improves the quality of your sailing event. 
3 The invitation, pay attention to the design, content and information and send it on time. A reminder close to the date is handy and always ask for an r.s.v.p. 
4 Keep the invitations to a minimum.You don't want to be packed like a can of sardines.
5 Think about the cost. Is buying out the bar cheaper? Reconsider your options.
6 Our rates are lower if you plan your trip before 15:00. 
7 Avoid "situations" rent a bus or travel by public transport to the pick up / drop-off location of the boat.


Boarding is possible from our boarding locations in Amsterdam.

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Pick-up points

Westerdokskade acc. Rest. WOLF Atelier (0 min)
Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ (15 min)
Anne Frank House (15 min)
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Culinary possibilities

Buffet boat

Buffet boat

Select your own dinner to eat standing or seated


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