BBQ Boat Amsterdam

BBQ Boat Amsterdam
fish, meat and vegetables
Freshly prepared on board

The summer BBQ, on the BBQboat.

The formula "boat-beer-buffet" been there done that! You want some action and a good story to tell afterwards.

The spring BBQ has all the advantages of a regular BBQ ,it's informal and menus are easy to customize and freshly prepared on board.

Extra on request, grilled oysters.

Our boats are well heated and equipped with a roof tent

We barbecue on electric grills and the extractor fan keeps the smoke to a minimum. We can safely cook with the roof closed during bad weather. This applies to all three boats.

BBQ boat Amsterdam "The best way to taste Amsterdam!"

At 30 pax from  € 46, p.p. incl. boat rental, crew and bbq,

drinks on subsequent calculation.

Good informal cruise with  food & drinks


BBQ's with fish, meat & vegetables

The BBQ's are prepared with free-range meat & fish and are prepared on board.

Suitable for any time of year

The ship's cook serves your BBQ dinner straight from the grill.

Captain’s BBQ



Spare ribs
Grilled vegetables 

Potato salad

Peanut sauce


Bread with garlic butter

Fruit salad


(€ 25,0,- p.p.)

Please ask us for a quote to avoid misunderstandings concerning the costs
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Mediterranean BBQ

Skewer of marinated chicken thighs,

sirloin steak with rosemary and garlic,

Merguez sausage,

skewer with marinated shrimps,

Grilled vegetables

Pasta salad with Parmesan cheese,

Red potatoes from the oven with rosemary,

Tomato salsa with coriander,


Italian Ciabatta bread with olives,

Tapenade and pesto
Seasonal desert

(€ 29,50- p.p.)

Please ask us for quote to avoid misunderstandings concerning the costs

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 drinks price list

Boat rental Prices

The Johanna € 220.-per hour € incl. VAT.
The Hoop op Behoud incl. skipper + 1 bar-sailor €252, per hour Inc. VAT

The "Tijd zal het Leeren' incl. skipper + 1 bar-sailor € 252, per hour incl. VAT.

Extra bar-sailor or BBQcook € 35 incl. VAT, per hour Inc. VAT

The BBQ boat is suitable for groups of about 10 to 45 people.
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But how do you organize a BBQ cruise? 

1 Don't make your cruise with drinks, barbecue or dinner too long, 1.5 to 3 hours is long enough. 
2 Keep it simple, this improves the quality of your sailing event. 
3 The invitation, pay attention to the design, content and information and send it on time. A reminder close to the date is handy and always ask for an r.s.v.p. 
4 Keep the invitations to a minimum.You don't want to be packed like a can of sardines.
5 Think about the cost. Is buying out the bar cheaper? Reconsider your options.
6 Our rates are lower if you plan your trip before 15:00. 
7 Avoid "situations" rent a bus or travel by public transport to the pick up / drop-off location of the boat.

 pick-up points.

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BBQ Boat Amsterdam 4.5 4.5 1 1
BBQ Boat Amsterdam
Super nice combination of a beautiful sailing trip and delicious food. - Thomas,

Pick-up points

Westerdokskade acc. Rest. WOLF Atelier (0 min)
Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ (15 min)
Anne Frank House (15 min)
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Culinary possibilities

Buffet boat

Buffet boat

Select your own dinner to eat standing or seated


delicious sailing dinners
3 course dinner, fun dinner party 4 course dinner, extensive dining
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