Sail 2020

See SAIL 2020 Amsterdam From the water!

SAIL 2020 Amsterdam is the best when you see it from the water and of course is Amsterdam Boat Events there. With us you can enjoy all the Tallships which are in Amsterdam during Sail 2020. We will take care of the food and drinks if you make sure to book your tour in time! Book a awesome boat tour with Amsterdam Boat Events  to make sure you will not miss the event!

To make sure you have an amazing time there are different arrangements specially made for SAIL 2020. Do you want to sail during the event, ask for an open-ended quote!

Do you fancy a tour with your business relations? The boats of Amsterdam Boat Events are perfectly suited for this! Take a look here to see which boat best suits you! 

Amsterdam Boat Events is official partner of Sail Amsterdam. This is why we are able to sail through the event area, only official partners are allowed to do so!

Program SAIL 2020:

Wednesday 12 August: Sail in             

Thursday 13 August: Breakfast/Lunch/Bar/Firework BBQ



Sunday 16 August: Sail out               


€ 239,00 per person
  • From € 239,00 per person
  • The highlight of Sail 2020
  • Breakfast- and lunchbuffet included
€ 99,00 per person
  • From €99,- per person
  • Delicious breakfast buffet
  • Welcomed with a mimosa and coffee
€ 155,00 per person
  • From € 155,- per person
  • Delicious warm and cold lunchbuffet
  • See the Sail area just before the chaos starts
€ 129,00 per person
  • From € 129,- per person
  • Different bites and snacks
  • Welcomed with a Amsterdam drink
€ 219,00 per person
  • From €219,- per person
  • Delicious BBQ cooked on board while you enjoy the view!
  • Enjoy the show at the end of the day
€ 179,00 per person
  • From € 179,- per person
  • Wave the Tallships of Sail 2020 good bye when they leave Amsterdam
  • Delicious warm and cold lunchbuffet

Sail 2020

History SAIL

The event was organised for the first time in 1975 to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Amsterdam, under the name 'Sail Amsterdam 700'. At that time, interest in tall ships, which had sunk to a low since the 1930s when the last commercial tall ships had been built, was starting to rise.[citation needed] The success of Sail Amsterdam 700 led to the establishment of the Stichting Sail Amsterdam (SSA, Foundation Sail Amsterdam).

Sail is one of the largest maritime manifestations in the world, and the largest event of any kind in the Netherlands. Tens of tall ships and hundreds of other historical ships are involved. Numerous other ships and boats are present besides the participating ships, amounting to 8000 boats in the 2000 edition.

Lesser events take place during the festival, involving small sailboats, sailor choirs or re-enactments of naval battles. The Sail In or Parade of Sail on the first day attracts many other small ships, including creations like a sailing organ (with trumpet accompaniment) or a train converted to a ship. On the next to last day there is a naval pageant and on the last day the 'Sail Out'.


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