Tijd zal het Leeren


  • An ex cargo ship with character.
  • A robust and contemporary style.
  • Boat can be fully opened and closed.


  • Bar with draft beer.
  • Separated toiler for ladies and gentleman.
  • Quickly removable roof and windows.
  • Central heating;
  • Electric grill, cooking plate and oven;
  • 230 & 400 Volt connections
  • Flexible interior that can be quickly adjusted to your wishes.
  • Sound system with microphone. (You can bring your own music, however in the city center we are not allowed to play music loudly.)


The Tijd zal het Leeren, built in 1914, served as sailing cargo ship for agricultural produce in the north of The Netherlands. After having been a home for her last cargo captain, the Tijd zal het Leeren returned to the trade in 2000, now as passenger ship in Amsterdam.

The sails of the past have given way to a diesel-electric propulsion, which is almost as quiet as sailing and much more practical in a city full of bridges.

Tijd zal het Leeren


  • Drinks & Snacks: Max. 50 p. (mostly standing)
  • BBQ/Buffet: Max. 45 p. (standing & seated)
  • Dinner: Max. 40 p. (seated)

Photo impression

Convertible roof for any type of weather

We have a roof that can be adapted to every type of weather. Depending on the weather we can open or close the boat rapidly.

In winter an extra canvas is put over the top to keep the warmth inside. And if it gets really cold, we have a heating system that can be put into action.

The tables and seats can be flexibly employed for both a sitting dinner or a drinks and snacks trip with standing tables, or even a switch from one to the other during the trip.


The boat rental is € 325,- per hour (incl. VAT). This includes a captain and a sailing waiter/waitress.

For safety and service an extra sailing waiter/waitress is employed from 25 people  and up at € 36 per hour (incl. VAT).

The minimal sailing time is 2 hours.

For every event on the water a fee is due to the municipality tax of Amsterdam of €1,55 per person.

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