Rent a boat during KingsDAY AMSTERDAM

In the Netherlands, Koningsdag is by far the biggest outdoor event. All of the Netherlands celebrates King William's (Prince Pils) birthday on April 27.

All places in Amsterdam such as the canals, the Dam and the Vondelpark are filled with partying people and Amsterdam turns into a big open-air market that day.

KINGSDAY in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, King's Day is celebrated in a big way. The residents of the canals put all their stuff outside. Tourists from home and abroad come to the Dutch capital to experience this celebration. Each part of the city has its own celebrations. The big squares for the tourists. The cozy Jordaan and the Pijp for Amsterdammers and of course the Vondelpark for the children and young families.

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Aboard a boat is the best way to experience King's Day. Not only do you have a fantastic view of the canals from the water, but you also enjoy the ships on the water. In addition, the stands on the shore and the live music on the bridges. Celebrating King's Day on a boat is a unique experience. Amsterdam Boat Events tries to give as many people as possible a chance to experience King's Day from the water. Given the crowds, however, it is wise to inquire about availability on time.