Amsterdam Boat Events: dinner cruises in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Boat Events: dinner cruises in Amsterdam

Cool boats & good food
In operations since 1993

"How to organize a successful boatevent? " We help you on a boat with catering and drinks to suit the purpose of your event.

Sailing food & drink

Bar Boat Amsterdam

Bar Boat Amsterdam

Bar Boat Amsterdam.
Networking can be a boring affair, exchanging cards etcetera etcetera. Why not try sailing through Amsterdam to make a lasting impression on your business relations and colleagues?
Let the scenery become a topic of conversation to break the ice, and relax while you have a drink at the bar.
BBQ Boat Amsterdam

BBQ Boat Amsterdam

Suitable for all seasons
Your staff and colleagues need a break and you rack your brain on what to do.
Something that benefits the mutual relations and atmosphere, clear in terms of time, organization and costs and keeping the logistic hassle to a minimum.
Dinner cruise Amsterdam

Dinner cruise Amsterdam

Sailing Restaurant Amsterdam
Your private restaurant on the canals
You want to host a dinner party, but where? What restaurant is suitable for a large group of people? Other than a banqueting venue which is not your intention. And parking? Is public transport easily accessible?


Select your own dinner to eat standing or seated


A luncheon on the.... canals!


oven fresh pizza's from the Pizza Bakkers
Do like at home if you don't feel like cooking, order Pizzas!


Hoop op Behoud

Hoop op Behoud

Sturdy Dutch "tjalk" for max. 60 people
€ 245.-per hour incl. VAT
Max 60 people on board
Separated men's and women's toilet
Central heating system on board
Sailing on the canals + harbour area
Tijd zal het Leeren

Tijd zal het Leeren

Barge 'Groninger Bolpraam' for max. 50 people
€ 245, per hour incl.VAT
Max 50 People on board
Seperate ladies & men toilets
Hetaing system on board
Sailing on the canals + the harbour area


Sturdy lounge boat for max. 20 people
€200, per hour incl. VAT
Max 20 people on board
Heating system on board
Toilet on board

Amsterdam Dinner Cruise

Dutch-page-abe-rondvaart-amsterdam-met-eten Your employees and relationships deserve attention, Amsterdam Boat Events "shipped" this attention in your behalf in a boat with drinks, barbecue or dinner.

But how do you organize a dinner cruise? 

1 Don't make your cruise with drinks, barbecue or dinner too long, 1.5 to 3 hours is long enough. 
2 Keep it simple, this improves the quality of your sailing event. 
3 The invitation, pay attention to the design, content and information and send it on time. A reminder close to the date is handy and always ask for an r.s.v.p. 
4 Keep the invitations to a minimum.You don't want to be packed like a can of sardines.
5 Think about the cost. Is buying out the bar cheaper? Reconsider your options.
6 Our rates are lower if you plan your trip before 15:00. 
7 Avoid "situations" rent a bus or travel by public transport to the pick up / drop-off location of the boat.

We help you with a boat, catering, route and crew to go with your company and purpose of your event; So you can sit back and relax with your own boat tour through Amsterdam. Interested? 020 419 4141 or Cruise packages.

Amsterdam Boat Events has over 20 years of service with informal cruises on the canals of Amsterdam. Especially a cruise with dinner on board is very familiar to us. We sail all year round with our barbecue boat, bar boat and dinner cruise. The barbecue and dinners are prepared by the ship's cook on board and, from the grid or the oven, draped on your plate.

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