High wine

Sip, Sail, and Savor: Wine Delights on Amsterdam's Canals!


Take your wine experience to new heights with our High Wine aboard a historic boat sailing through Amsterdam's enchanting canals. Indulge your senses as you enjoy a selection of top wines paired with delectable bites, while surrounded by the city's iconic landscape.

Board the beautiful boat, where sophistication meets relaxation. As the boat glides through Amsterdam's picturesque canals, you will be treated to a tasting that captures the essence of renowned vineyards, both local and global.

Led by an expert sommelier, you will discover a range of wines, each carefully chosen for their unique characteristics. From the delicate aromas of white wines to the rich complexity of reds, each sip is a delightful exploration of flavour profiles.

To complement the wines, a selection of gourmet snacks awaits. Experience the magic of wine and food pairing as each bite harmonises with the wines, enhancing the overall sensory experience. As you sip and taste, the boat's backdrop of beautiful bridges and historic buildings adds an extra layer of elegance.

Whether you are a wine lover or someone looking for a sophisticated and unique way to unwind, our High Wine on a boat in Amsterdam offers a sublime journey for your taste buds and senses. Join us for an evening of luxury, delicious wines and enchanting canals - an experience that embodies the harmony of flavours and the beauty of the city's waterways.


  • A two hour cruise through Amsterdam's canals
  • All our boats have a toilet on board
  • This price includes unlimited drinks (beer, wine and soft drinks). Do you want the bar on tab? No problem, please let us know this when requesting the quotation
  • All our boats can fully open in summer and are covered and heated in winter
  • Cruise on one of our historic boats, all of which are at least 100 years old
  • Our free boarding location is Westerdokskade, would you prefer to board somewhere else? See our boarding locations HERE. Do take into account an additional charge.
  • All our menus can be made either vegetarian or vegan
  • Notice! This is a FROM price
  • All offers are without obligation
  • Any special requests? Like a diet or a package that is not listed here? Let us know, we'll work it out together!

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From € 67.50 per person


      • Boat rent
      • Differtent wines
      • Matching appetisers
      • Hostess


      • Other pick-up or drop-off location
      • Extra snacks
      • VAT