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You work in an organization with pleasant motivated colleagues, everyone has a clear goal in mind and tries to work, every day again, as hard as they can.
But many of you are a part-timer, independent contractor or something in between. So despite working in close cooperation you don't know each other very well. And that's a shame because it is nice if work feels just as familiar as home.
You want to be yourself, so that everyone knows what he/she can expect from another.

But how can you provide that? Training, boot camps, or just ' beers ' at the pub on the corner, its all helpful. But your organization is likely still cohesive like dry sand.

The cornstarch (binder) for your organization is that you combine and repeat the above possibilities, and that a meeting, training or presentation is ended well and with relaxation. Good and cheap are in your motto.
Together singing the ' club song ' also helps. Does it leave a lasting impression? Depends, not in one go but but with enough motivation and enthusiasm you can create a safer culture in your organization. People will dare to be vulnerable and give criticism or recieve it.

You want to trust each other and have a "club" feeling and if anything goes wrong you fight together to get it back right. As long as the group atmosphere is nice.

And where do we come in? We like to supply you 'the  boat ' at the end of your meeting to catch up with each other while we sail  you through Amsterdam with a drink or a bbq, and even a dinner on board.


On Queen's Day 1993 Bart Buwalda registered "Bureau Buitengewoon", the predecessor of Amsterdam Boat Events, at the Chamber of Commerce. The whole firm housed and worked on board of the Hoop op Behoud, a house boat that sailed with passengers on peak days.

Buro Buitengewoon quickly made a name for itself because we provided the first alternative for the classic round-trip boats. This succes lead to the combination of living and working on board of the Hoop op Behoud to become impossible: living was out of the question, always sailing.

After rebranding to Amsterdam Boat Events, our "Bolpraam" the Tijd zal het Leeren returned to the trade in 2000, after we carefully restored her. In 2008 the Johanna, our lounge boat, followed suit. We have since refrained from further expansion, to keep the focus on quality and personal attention.

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