We are delighted that you are taking the time to explore the valuable partnerships our organization has forged. As a leading provider of unique and unforgettable boat tours and events in the picturesque canals of Amsterdam, collaboration is of immeasurable value to us.

On this special page, we would like to take you into our world of partnerships, where we share our dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and unparalleled experiences. Over the years, we have built a network of partners who share the same passion and commitment to showcasing Amsterdam at its best.

On this page, you will learn more about our esteemed partners, the projects we have worked on, and the events we have made possible through these fruitful collaborations. Whether you are a local business interested in a future partnership, a customer curious about our references, or simply interested in what sets us apart in the world of boat tours in Amsterdam, you are in the right place.

We take pride in the connections we have established and look forward to sharing more about our shared successes and the special experiences we have created with our partners. We hope you feel inspired and encouraged to be part of our future adventures.

Van Barneveld Culinair

Discover Van Barneveld Culinair, a passionate catering company from Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. With a love for cooking and hospitality, we surprise with creative dishes made from fresh ingredients. Our chef, Sjoerd van Barneveld, brings culinary finesse from top restaurants to your event, while Kim van Barneveld organizes every detail to perfection. Together, they form a strong combination for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Restaurant Nim

Discover Restaurant Nim, located on the picturesque Keizersgracht. Here, chef Luc is the driving force with youthful and innovative culinary ideas, and an entrepreneurial spirit that forms the heart of the establishment. Be surprised by the unique flavor experiences that Luc creates for you, right here in the heart of Amsterdam.

Restaurant Goudfazant

The Goudfazant is a pioneer in the Amsterdam restaurant scene, with an unmistakable presence in the North. This former industrial garage, still with some cars inside, offers a spacious area with numerous seats, which can make the acoustics challenging for intimate conversations. Nevertheless, the originality of this place is remarkable. Here, no-nonsense, delicious food is served at affordable prices, and you have a wide selection of (natural) wines. The kitchen is always consistent, without frills but straightforward, with flavorful dishes made from excellent ingredients. A highlight is the Breton fish soup, packed with fresh fish and seafood. The Goudfazant not only offers excellent food but also attentive service and reasonable prices. An essential part of Amsterdam's dining culture.

Rederij Mokum

At Rederij Mokum, you will find the perfect solution for a boat trip in Amsterdam - personal, original, and affordable. As a young company with innovative ideas, we offer complete packages and tailor-made options with care. Our commitment to sustainability is evident through the use of local suppliers and regional products to protect the environment, and our ships are fully electric and run on green energy.

What sets us apart is our reliable and transparent approach. Open quotes, no hidden costs, and clear prices per person provide peace of mind and prevent surprises afterward. Whether you are organizing a small intimate event or a larger group gathering, we come up with original and affordable possibilities.

Our personal approach is our strength. You can reach us 7 days a week via email, phone, or app, and we are ready to brainstorm with you. Renting a boat in Amsterdam has never been easier. Enjoy a relaxing cruise with friends, celebrate your birthday on board, or impress your business associates with a unique journey through the canals of Amsterdam. An experience never to be forgotten!

Rederij de Nederlanden

At Rederij de Nederlanden, we turn every boat trip into an unforgettable experience. Our dedicated team aims for the highest quality in everything we do, to meet all your wishes and provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Our beautiful Rederij de Nederlanden is based on the Singel in the vibrant heart of Amsterdam. The company originated from a deep passion for classic ships and the desire to preserve these historic treasures for the future. Commercial exploitation makes this dream come true, allowing both us and our guests to enjoy these beautiful ships with a rich history.

In addition to restoring historic ships such as salon boats and towboats, we have also developed new ships with a classic look and advanced eco-friendly technology, like our City Tender project. All our canal boats have been sailing electrically for years, resulting in an unforgettable, clean, and relaxed experience on the water for our guests. At Rederij de Nederlanden, history goes hand in hand with an environmentally conscious future.

Rederij Nassau

Step aboard luxury salon boats or cozy sloops in Amsterdam and let Rederij Nassau bring your ideas to life. Whether it's an extensive dinner with perfectly matching wines, a casual drink with friends and colleagues, or an unforgettable birthday party with delicious snacks and cocktails, we ensure your wishes come to life.

Amsterdam, with its canals, historic buildings, and charming streets, is truly a magnificent capital. The city reveals its most beautiful side from the water, and that's where we excel.

Rederij Nassau was founded by three friends from Amsterdam, who started by organizing boat trips on their sloop. The demand for unique sailing experiences grew steadily, and soon a second boat joined the fleet, along with a larger team. The name for the company was quickly chosen: Nassau, named after the quay where the very first sloop was moored.

Rederij van Egmond

Discover Amsterdam from the water in style aboard the modern and luxurious salon boat, Mr. Grey. With space for up to 30 people and 24 seats, Mr. Grey is the ideal choice for your next outing. The convertible roof ensures that you can sit outside in beautiful weather and stay warm and dry in less favorable conditions. The boat has been designed with Dutch weather in mind, so your planned event can always go ahead.

With movable tables on board, Mr. Grey can be easily customized to your specific needs, whether it's a drinks reception, a 3-course dinner, a presentation, a bachelor party, a luxury lunch, a barbecue, a workshop, or a buffet.

Puur Amsterdam

Puur Amsterdam is a branch of Puur Events, a nationwide event agency with offices in Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Rotterdam. It was founded in 1996 by Anna-Maria Giannattasio and Edward Mantel, two people who enjoy life, have organizational talent, and solve problems.

At Puur Amsterdam, we aim to create memorable experiences, organized with craftsmanship, love, and passion, regardless of the budget. We believe that even with limited resources, corporate outings and team-building events can have a maximum impact.

You can trust us at Puur Amsterdam. Our event managers take the time to call, arrange, and double-check until every detail of your corporate outing in Amsterdam is taken care of. We ensure that you can enjoy your event without any worries.

We are "pure" in our communication with you, open, transparent, and down-to-earth. Communication from person to person, without frills, is what we stand for.

Our vision is simple: experience, enjoy, remember. We aim for company outings and events that are not just temporary but remain in memory year after year. Curious to meet us? We're happy to introduce ourselves!

Event op het Water

Get to know Event op het Water, the company that adds a new dimension to sailing, regardless of the occasion. We strive for unforgettable days, whether it's an anniversary party or a corporate event. Your wishes are our priority. Whether you want to have drinks, go on a cruise, or organize a wine tasting, we can make it happen. Request a quote today. With Event op het Water, impersonal venues are a thing of the past.