Sail 2025

sail AMSTERDAM 2025 

SAIL Amsterdam is an iconic event that has long transformed Amsterdam's canals into an enchanting sea of sailing and maritime splendour. In 2025, this unforgettable spectacle returns, bigger and more majestic than ever before. SAIL is synonymous with the celebration of the Netherlands' rich maritime history and offers a unique opportunity to be enchanted by the nautical world.

Such a grand event naturally comes with an array of extraordinary experiences. That's where our special SAIL packages come in. Whether you're a passionate sailing enthusiast, a foodie who loves discovering new flavours, or simply looking for a way to experience the charm of Amsterdam, our packages are designed to meet all your expectations.


 SAIL IN 2025 Amsterdam:

SAIL IN 2025 Amsterdam is the flagship event, where majestic sailing ships fill the canals and enchant visitors with their beauty. This large-scale spectacle is a visual feast and a celebration of nautical culture. Admire the skills and traditions of sailing as you sail along the beautiful canals and take a closer look at the impressive ships. But SAIL IN 2025 is more than that; it is a celebration of Dutch culture, with numerous activities, exhibitions and culinary delights. It offers a chance to enjoy delicious food and drinks while wandering along the canals and admiring the ships.

 SAIL BREAKFAST cruise 2025 Amsterdam:

The SAIL Breakfast cruise 2025 is a unique way to start your day. As you relax and enjoy a delicious breakfast aboard a ship surrounded by majestic sailing ships, you will be taken on a journey of pure pleasure. This experience combines culinary indulgence with the enchanting ambience of SAIL Amsterdam 2025. The dawn and the gentle breeze of the canals create an unforgettable atmosphere.


SAIL Lunch cruise 2025 Amsterdam offers a delightful afternoon on the water, where culinary indulgence goes hand in hand with the splendour of SAIL Amsterdam 2025. Enjoy a tasty lunch on board while admiring the majestic sailing ships. This experience is perfect for foodies and maritime enthusiasts who want to relax while enjoying delicious food and spectacular views.

 SAIL drinks cruise 2025 Amsterdam:

SAIL Drinks cruise 2025 Amsterdam offers a cosy opportunity for an informal gathering on the water. Enjoy good times, tasty snacks and refreshing drinks, surrounded by the grandeur of SAIL Amsterdam 2025. It is the ideal setting for celebrating friendship, business successes, or just a relaxing evening on the canals. Be enchanted by the magical atmosphere of SAIL and create unforgettable memories with friends and colleagues.

 SAIL Fireworks/dinner cruise 2025 Amsterdam:

 SAIL Fireworks/Dinner cruise 2025 Amsterdam promises an evening full of flavour and spectacle. While enjoying a delicious dinner on board, you can witness a breathtaking fireworks show. This combination of culinary indulgence and maritime spectacle makes for an unforgettable evening for couples, groups and individuals.

SAIL OUT 2025 Amsterdam:

 SAIL OUT 2025 Amsterdam marks the grand finale of SAIL Amsterdam 2025. The climax of the exodus of majestic sailing ships provides an enchanting conclusion to the event. This historic moment can be admired from a unique perspective and offers a visual and emotional treat for visitors.

Our SAIL packages offer a range of unforgettable experiences, from culinary journeys to romantic evenings and historical experiences. Whether you are a local or a traveller visiting Amsterdam, our packages promise a profound immersion in Dutch culture and maritime beauty. Be enchanted by the nautical grandeur and create memories that will last a lifetime. SAIL Amsterdam 2025 awaits you, ready to welcome you to the world of sailing, history and hospitality.


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